Friday, February 12, 2010

Of missings and musings

That time of the year again. Memories. Of wonderful times spent together. Of little plans, and revised plans. Of surprises. Of quizzical expressions. Of ‘exclusionary’ acts. Of fun. Of happiness. True, unadulterated happiness.

That time of the year again. Miss- its. Miss the good ol’ days. Miss the love. Miss the hugs. Miss the loud dinners. Miss the good- natured teasing, the bantering. Miss the camaraderie. Might- last- for- life friendships.

That time of the year again. Musings. What if we were the same old people… What if we had never drifted apart? What if nothing had changed… what if we had not grown up to see through shallow acts? What if we did not have to face reality? Harsh selfish reality…