Monday, January 17, 2011


Why is it that one little incident sparks off an avalanche of memories?

A tiny scene in a movie I have watched a zillion times, of a woman falling down the stairs (a very serious thing which brought about the whole change in mood in the movie), sparked off memories of all the times I have fallen, and the number of people and things I have sometimes unwittingly dragged in my wake. There have been times on escalators, school staircases, and there was one little stair in my apartment complex that actually was a tribute to my "falling" skills. But sadly, it does not exist any longer!

Now that brings to mind how things change over time. People, relationships, priorities, even buildings change. Where there was once a nice coffee factory, there stands an ugly mall. While once upon a time your hand was held while crossing the road, now you help people cross the same road which has become two lanes larger. People who used to love to chat up about ,canteen samosas, movies and homework, now talk about themselves, their children, their trips to Paris, Rome and the shopping festival.

The same girl who loved getting on escalators now wonders why children can be so irritating as to go up and down escalators in crowded malls. The girl who once fell down a flight of stairs with (and because) her hands linked in two of her friends' (on either side, obviously) now wonders why it is so necessary for people to hold hands while walking, and if they realize how comical they look to passersby.

Is this what growing up is all about?

One thing is for sure. No matter how much I grow up, I will never be able to write or say something that is cohesive, follows a straight pattern, and does not jump from one thing to another. This post is proof for that!